Diray Media Initiates One of the Biggest Campaigns of the Year

Careful research and strategic planning pays off for back brace sales.

CLIENT: Top Dog Direct

INDUSTRY: Sports & Wellness

BeActive, a solution for those suffering from back pain or discomfort, was entering a difficult product category to navigate due to large preexisting brand names and ease of imitation. If effective in solving a specific problem, BeActive needed an especially dynamic company to scale advertising without delay.

After testing several different price points on carefully selected networks, Diray Media was able to put together a solid plan to roll out quickly and efficiently based on initial results. BeActive Brace was an immediate success and the budget continued to expand. Results had to be managed closely as the campaign’s goals were to maintain profitability while not leaving money on the table.

Campaign Management
Drive to Retail
Product & Category Research
Competitive Research


Using years of experience on how hit products played out on certain networks, Diray Media was able to give accurate spend projections which prevented fulfillment backup and predicted retail demand. In the end, BeActive Brace became one of the hottest products of 2014 while maintaining a profitable media spend throughout the year and into 2015.

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Diray has been Top Dog’s go-to media company for almost 20 years. I have tested others, but none have withstood the challenge. As our partner they have always proven to spend our media budget wisely.

Steve Silbiger