Targeted Digital Strategy Generates a Big Bounce for Bubble Ball

Wearable bouncy house becomes one of Walmart’s fastest-selling toys of 2016


INDUSTRY: Children & Toys

When it comes to a drive-to-retail pull, you need to promote the product if you want the shelf space. While Walmart was interested in the Bubble Ball — an inflatable toy that encases a child or adult in a protective orb allowing them to bounce into (and off of) objects and friends — its marketers didn’t have the bucks to put it on TV and little hope that digital advertising would work. But, that all changed when Diray Media entered the picture.

With a proven track record in the toy category, Harlin Ruben, Director of Digital Media, was optimistic about a digital advertising campaign for Bubble Ball. When Diray served up a comprehensive search campaign and banner ads to a targeted audience, the retailer experienced an immediate impact.

From the onset of the campaign, Diray doubled the point-of-sale at Walmart, which led to the creation of a second SKU, a two-pack. Bubble Ball closed 2016 as one of Walmart’s fastest-selling toys of the year and was soon licensed to international toy manufacturer Zuru, which has expanded its availability to Toys “R” Us, Amazon and additional retailers.
To date, Diray has successfully handled television and digital media in the U.S. and digital media overseas, as well as pitching Bubble Ball via search, banner and video display ads online. They have also successfully utilized programmatic television, which targets buyers at the hyperlocal level based on online and offline data sets.

Today, Bubble Ball is fast becoming an evergreen product, and retailers are lining up to commit.

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Drive to Retail
Paid Search Marketing
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  • Digital spend drove incremental sales
  • Doubled the point-of-sale at Walmart
  • Creation of second SKU (2-pack)
  • Closed 2016 as one of Walmart’s fastest-selling toys
  • Licensed to Zuru, which expanded availability to many large retailers

Working with the Diray team has been exceptionally easy. Their dedication to us and our brands has always been on point, patient and thorough in explaining execution ideas and initiating change. Timely delivery and execution upon promises is critical to business success and Diray most certainly does both. The team worked diligently across multiple time zones and never ceased in giving us undivided attention. I would recommend them highly.

Anna Mowbray