Bunch O Balloons Campaign Soars With Diray’s Kids' Programming Expertise

Partnership with Diray prompts worldwide product success.


INDUSTRY: Children & Toys

ZURU came to Diray Media with the desire to build brand awareness and maintain momentum of their campaign utilizing both TV and Digital. Given our knowledge of the kids’ marketplace, Diray Media ran a strategic combination of commercial lengths to maximize frequency and exposure.

The Diray team crafted a targeted media list and outreach campaign to expose relevant audiences (both kids and moms) to this revolutionary product. Through TV, Diray was able to build strong product awareness for Bunch O Balloons, driving sales on TV and at stores. Backing up the TV awareness with a strong digital campaign was critical to the eventual success of the product. Digitally, the various tactics included search, display and video (YouTube) and in all aspects of the campaign the metrics prove it is a success.

Bunch O Balloons instantly became one of the hottest toy products in the summer of 2015.

Partnering with Diray was one of the key reasons that ZURU achieved success in the U.S. As ZURU continued to expand this product launch into an international rollout for Bunch O Balloons, Diray was the logical solution to run the digital media in Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. As Bunch O Balloons gets launched in more countries, Diray Media will continue being the digital partner of record.

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TV Results:

The Bunch O Balloons’ direct-response campaign drove both kids and parents to the web and to retailers nationwide. Targeted media spending helped achieve high GRPs/Impressions with lower cost and rate efficiency, which lead to ZURU’s Bunch O Balloons becoming a household name as well as one of the hottest kid products in the summer of 2015.

Digital Results:

Across all 4 countries the results have been impressive. Click-Thru-Rates (CTRs) have consistently ranged from 6 – 10 times greater than the industry benchmark; Conversion Rates have regularly been 1.5 times stronger than the toy vertical regards as top producing while Cost Per Order (CPO) has run in the low single digits for months at a time.

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Over 12 Million

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Working with the Diray team has been exceptionally easy. Their dedication to us and our brands has always been on point, patient and thorough in explaining execution ideas and initiating change. Timely delivery and execution upon promises is critical to business success and Diray most certainly does both. The team worked diligently across multiple time zones and never ceased in giving us undivided attention. I would recommend them highly.

Anna Mowbray