Diray Media Helps Entrepreneurs Launch Watertight Campaign

Flexible test marketing leads to "As Seen on TV" success.

CLIENT: Swift Response, LLC

INDUSTRY: Home Improvement

With many years of direct sales success, Phil and Alan Swift decided to flex their marketing muscles by taking their newest hot product to the airwaves. They knew that Flex Seal — liquid rubber aerosol coating in a can — would be a big hit nationwide. But what was the smartest, most cost-effective way to break into the DRTV market?

Swift Response came to Diray for our in-depth media relationships and commitment to negotiating in the best interest of client profitability. Many entrepreneurs count on us for our one-on-one guidance from the top, with senior management involved in every step from planning to long-term strategy development to daily communication and reporting. Our long-standing relationships with producers, dub houses, web, telemarketing and fulfillment vendors give new marketers an edge when making crucial business decisions.

Working closely with the company’s top principals, we developed a strategic test campaign to determine the most responsive demographics and networks. Initial results showed broad appeal for the brand’s two-minute commercial depicting a rowboat with a Flex Sealed screen door floor. Diray then expanded the plan, aggressively buying cable and broadcast across a variety of programming and viewer demographics.


In 2015, Flex Seal further expanded its relationship with Diray by adding in our digital offering. The goal for this campaign was to help increase branding and further elevate Flex Seal as an evergreen product in the marketplace. Diray executed this campaign with banner advertising and email marketing.

Due to the success of the branding campaign, Diray’s team also began working on a storm initiative. Watching any natural disasters that materialized and impacted people in the United States, the strategy there is to advertise the Flex Seal brand within hyper-local geographic parameters directly around affected areas before, during and after the storm. The goal is to add Flex Seal into the consideration set of the consumer for storm preparation. Results to date have proven to have exceeded expectations by all measurements.

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By rigorously negotiating the best rates, and buying only the strongest media at the most efficient price, Diray helped Flex Seal set sail toward long-term profits. Versatile, dynamic media buys resulted in a campaign with the momentum to generate steady gains in a market where DR products quickly lose consumer interest. Spokesman Phil Swift and Flex-Seal are now household names, and have become an online sensation with video reviews regularly added by satisfied customers. Sales continue to climb.


Results throughout the campaign have far exceeded expectations — by running on premium websites that best matched the Flex Seal buying audience, all viewable impressions, a Click-Thru Rate (CTR) that is regularly 5–6 times greater than industry benchmarks and CPMs that are 1/4 the market costs. Due to the advanced technology, experienced team and deep roots in the direct response environment, Diray is always looking for the most efficient, and profitable, media — whether it is via TV or Digital.

Web Hits to Date

Over 4.1 Million

TV & Digital Weather Targeted Campaigns


CTR Above Industry Benchmarks

6 Times

As an entrepreneur, you become so close to your product and need to find others that are just as passionate. From our first conversation with Diray Media, we knew we had found more than a media agency, but a partner. Their relationships and knowledge in all aspects of the DR industry made all the difference in our campaign.

Alan Swift