An integrated performance marketing campaign results in significant sales for Hearing Assist

Diray Media Optimizes Amazon for Substantial Revenue Gains

CLIENT: Avento

INDUSTRY: Apparel & Accessories

In the world of direct response marketing, Amazon represents a huge revenue opportunity. However, it takes a performance marketing team with experience to understand how to maximize results. As part of a holistic campaign, Diray optimized Amazon for Hearing Assist, significantly increasing revenue and helping the company achieve its vision of offering a low-cost solution for mild-moderate hearing loss.

While many marketers struggle connecting traditional direct response campaigns with Amazon selling strategies, Diray proves how TV can significantly boost sales on the #1 e-commerce platform when the two approaches are planned and optimized concurrently.

In May 2018, Diray launched Hearing Assist’s TV campaign across national networks. After 3 months of optimizing the TV buys, Diray took over management of Hearing Assist’s newly established Amazon listing. As TV spend increased and created considerable brand awareness in the market, visits to the Amazon page started to climb.

With the additional traffic to the Amazon page, now was the time to optimize the customer experience with enhanced branding and informational content, product reviews, and consistently stocked inventory. Hearing Assist engaged in Diray’s full-service Amazon Enterprise Solution, which includes marketplace optimization, logistic support and Amazon Advertising campaigns to ensure the best chance at success.

The result of our integrated campaign was increased revenue through 2018 and beyond. Diray’s approach to TV generated significant top-funnel awareness and their Amazon expertise maximized bottom-funnel conversion.

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After Diray began managing the Amazon Marketplace and product listing for Hearing Assist, units ordered increased 2,845% over a 6-month period. Moreover, Hearing Assist became an Amazon-Trusted Product, proving the efficacy of the tactics implemented by the team. Sales naturally spiked leading up to the holiday season last year, but the momentum kept up throughout the year with Diray’s continual monitoring, analysis and optimizations.

The effects of the steady growth on Amazon even extended beyond that platform, with Walmart taking notice and placing Hearing Assist exclusively on their website and in their stores.

Units Ordered Increased from Sep - Feb


Sales Increase from Sep - Oct


ACOS (Client goal was under 30%)