The Perfect Fit

Hampton Direct taps Diray to help launch new fashion hit.

CLIENT: Hampton Direct

INDUSTRY: Apparel & Accessories

As a leader in the direct-response industry, known for marketing many of the world’s most successful products, Hampton Direct was ready to innovate again. Their latest breakthrough, PajamaJeans®, had the potential to create a new niche in the fashion industry. To ensure their media buy reached full potential, they called Diray. Together, Hampton and Diray Media have a long history of DRTV success stories, including Wonder Hanger, Total Pillow and Twin Draft Guard. Diray Media’s in-depth network relationships and commitment to negotiating in the best interest of client profitability has made Diray Media a valuable strategic partner.

PajamaJeans® is a unique brand. At $39.95, it’s also uniquely priced above the typical threshold for direct-response TV products. Selling apparel is especially challenging due to sizing, fit and variety of choices that shoppers must make. But Hampton Direct believed it had the perfect candidate for a Drive-to-Web DRTV success story. Diray Media delivered a highly targeted female-focused strategic plan, leveraging our long-term relationships with networks to negotiate the most efficient prices possible. Zeroing in on a primary audience of women aged 25–54, the campaign achieved maximum exposure among its demographic. Additionally, various web and phone vendors were tested to increase revenue and profits. Utilizing our custom software to analyze activity for both web and phone orders, Diray Media managed CPOs throughout the campaign, adjusting buys for maximum profit.

On the web, PajamaJeans® was able to reposition itself by offering more diverse products and styles to broader demographics. Starting with the Skinny Jeans line extension, which was launched in a variety of colors, the product life cycle was able to be extended. The iconic name is still helping to sell the PajamaJeans® Brand’s Skinny Vintage washed jeans, Bootcut jeans and even a men’s line, all for a higher price point than when PajamaJeans® originally launched.

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Drive to Retail
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Hampton’s strategic and integrated marketing plan, aided by a carefully planned short-form campaign, helped PajamaJeans® become the fastest growing fashion sensation in the nation. Today, PajamaJeans® is a pop culture phenomenon that has garnered buzz online, among celebrities, daytime talk hosts and late-night TV personalities. PajamaJeans® was able to expand their range of products from a single DRTV offering into a collection of products for men and women of all sizes.

Hampton Direct was fortunate enough to have Tricia and her team at Diray Media as its first media buyer. Helping us make our first campaign a mega hit was instrumental to being the major direct-response marketing company that we are today. Year after year, Diray Media has continued to help turn our campaigns into industry winners.

Steve Heroux