Snuggie® A Pop Culture Icon Created With Media Buying Blitz

The blanket that turned down thermostats and dialed up profits.

CLIENT: Allstar Marketing Group

INDUSTRY: Apparel & Accessories

Entering the market in 2008 just before the economy went cold, Allstar set out to warm America with their hottest new product, the Snuggie® Blanket. With a long-standing partnership on TV and retail hits such as Debbie Meyers’ Green Bags, Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter, Aqua Globes and Emery Cat Board, Diray collaborated with Allstar once again to help make the “blanket with sleeves” a direct-response sensation and a pop-culture icon.

Early and aggressive product testing was of critical importance for this seasonal product. Diray rigorously investigated different media demographics and dayparts in August, providing Allstar with the information necessary to set spending and CPO goals for the campaign as well as determine inventory needs and timing. By the time the weather cooled down, Diray was ready to turn up the heat, blasting the airwaves on proven networks and cost-efficiently selecting inventory for maximum coverage at the lowest price. The frequency and strength of the media airing on core and high-profile cables contributed to the pop-culture exposure starting to buzz on TV and Internet, from parodies on Leno to Letterman to coverage on morning news. With heavily concentrated media buys in the back half of the year, Diray made sure that by the time shoppers hit stores for the holidays, America knew all about the Snuggie® Blanket.

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While other companies scaled back their advertising in a down economy, Diray helped Allstar capitalize on available airtime, blanketing the marketplace and running frequency on broadcast, syndication, and national and local cables for low rates and high exposure. This aggressive strategy not only contributed to making the Snuggie® Blanket a globally-recognized brand name, but helped Allstar sell more than 20 million units in just 3 years.

Given the successes Diray Media achieved with TV media, Allstar agreed to work with Diray to further promote the Snuggie Blanket. The digital plan started in the fall of 2014 and Diray had a lot to catch-up on to build segments, identify opportunistic online inventory, and most importantly, generate revenue – especially because it was already in season and there was no real time to test.

Diray worked quickly to:
• Identify segments and geographies that were most apt to purchase
• Test various temperature thresholds and demographic information to hone in on the target audience
• Test various designs and create segments out of each to further narrow down the audience reaction

The client was seeking two key results:
• Sell out the existing inventory
• The cost per order needed was aggressively low.

Diray Media delivered a CPO that was 65% lower than goal. Due to the stellar results of the campaign, Allstar views Diray as an integral partner in promoting this brand, along with others, and has awarded Diray Media the Snuggie business for the 2015/2016 season.

Media Efficiency Ratio (MER)


Digital Impressions Delivered

Over 5.3 Million

Visitors to Date

More than 100,000

We have been working with Diray for the past ten years and have partnered with them for some of our biggest hits. They are a premier direct-response agency, with a winning combination of marketplace knowledge, experience and commitment to client success.

Scott Boilen