Diray Media Creates Incredible Volume in Sales

Switching from long-form to shorter DRTV spots boosts retail profits.

CLIENT: Modern Media 2000


It’s not a straight iron. It’s not a curling iron. It’s the InStyler rotating hot iron, a totally new styling and straightening tool retailing for $119.97 with a 30-Day TV-Only Trial Offer of $14.99. As a high-ticket item, it was perfect for promoting in long-form — but with the help of Diray Media, manufacturer Tre Milano was able to expand its marketing platform to incorporate the lucrative short-form cable market.

As the media-buying agency behind such hair product hits as Hot Buns, Hairagami, Topsy Tail and Snap N’ Go, Diray used their industry knowledge and marketplace experience to supplement InStyler’s long-form advertising with :120 and :60 lengths as well as URL-only :30 and :15 spots. Diray ran highly demographic-targeted female media across a wide range of networks in day and primetime, broadening overall viewership from the more limited overnight and early-morning long-form schedules. Additionally, Diray strategized with the client to push media in the weeks leading up to female-specific holidays like Mother’s Day and during Christmas gift-giving season to maximize sales on TV and at retail.

Subsequent to the success of the Original InStyler, several additional products were launched, notably InStyler Max, Tulip by InStyler and InStyler Wet 2 Dry, all supported by short-form DRTV.

Campaign Management
Drive to Retail


Not just for “only $19.99!” items, Diray Media’s work with the InStyler brand shows that, with strategic media buying and campaign management, short-form direct response can be a cost-effective and profitable addition to your long-form campaign. Utilizing a limited budget, Diray Media generated 1.2 billion impressions for InStyler during the last three years.

Diray Media manages our short-form campaign as if it was their own. Having a partner who understands just what we need from both a media and cost-efficiency standpoint is critical to our success. Year after year, Diray Media continues to meet our expectations and deliver results!

Vicky Sroloff