Car Cleaning Becomes Easier and Longer Lasting

Wipe New becomes the new brand in automotive care.

CLIENT: Avento

INDUSTRY: Automotive

Avento focused on a novel concept that many people wanted their car to look clean and new without having a car wash/detailing/cleaning every few days to achieve it. With some price testing on optimal media, Wipe New was ready to hit the airwaves to restore and protect cars nationwide.

Built on experience with automotive products, Diray Media implemented a strategy of :120 and :60 spots with a focus on automotive and restoration programming that had significant direct-response rates. The campaign was a hit on TV and later moved into retail with strong sales quarter after quarter.

After finding success with the original Wipe New, which focused on the interior of a car, Avento wanted to use their brand strength to launch additional cleaning products. This lead to both Headlight and Tire, which focused on the exterior of the car, and the ReColor, which took direction toward furniture. Diray Media was able to launch these new products while maintaining a campaign for the original for both brand and retail support which continue to this day.

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Wipe New was able to leverage its brand name and documented success on TV to partner up with Rust-Oleum, one of the leading manufacturers of premium consumer and industrial paint and coating products. The agreement will revitalize the sales and marketing activities and grow Wipe New’s overall market share.

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Over 4.3 Billion

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Diray has continually been able to deliver the right media and discover new outlets for our demo-sensitive campaign. Even when our consumer group is limited, Diray helps us succeed through insightful testing and marketplace exploration.

Tony Bender