Wonder Wallet Appeals to Both Men and Women with Diray’s Strategic Placement

Diray organizes a successful DR media campaign.

CLIENT: Allstar Marketing Group

INDUSTRY: Apparel & Accessories

As a leader in the direct-response industry, known for marketing many successful products, Allstar Marketing had a WONDER-ful idea, but needed to prove they had a winner in their back pocket. Allstar came to Diray to maximize ROI potential and retail performance, but did Wonder Wallet only appeal to females?

When Allstar came to Diray with the innovative product called Wonder Wallet, and their main focus was to sell only to the female demographic. However, once the product was tested on several unisex networks (INSP, Chiller, WGN, etc.), it appeared there was multi-demographic appeal. Using this insight, Allstar created not only a female- and male-targeted spot to run on media with similar demographic audiences, but a unisex spot that could be run across networks with audiences of split demographics. The frequency and strength of the media, airing on core and high-profile cables, contributed to the success of this campaign.

Campaign Management
Drive to Retail
Lead Generation


Diray Media helped Allstar capitalize on available airtime, running frequency on broadcast, syndication, and national and local cables for low rates and high exposure. With heavily focused media buys toward the end of the year, Diray Media has made sure that by the time holiday shoppers hit stores for the gift-giving season, both men and women knew all about Wonder Wallet.

CPO Improved


Web Visits to Date

Over 750,000

Household Impressions Delivered to Date

Over 1.2 Billion