With holistic marketing know-how, Diray Media optimizes Amazon sales for Zoom Tubes

Diray Media Boosts Amazon Sales with Integrated Direct Response Campaign


INDUSTRY: Children & Toys

In today’s complex landscape, Amazon selling strategies must fit into an integrated media mix that maximizes ROI for clients. Diray did just that for Zoom Tubes, reaching customers with a blend of hyper targeted TV and digital buys and ensuring media strategies worked together to get the product into the hands of as many kids as possible.

In May 2018, Diray started a multi-channel, direct-to-consumer campaign for Zoom Tubes, a tubular racetrack with light-up, remote-control cars. While some marketers find it challenging to connect traditional DRTV formulas with Amazon selling strategies, Diray knows how to work within the restrictions of the Amazon platform and still generate significant ROI for their clients.

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By running TV ads consistently throughout the summer, Diray accumulated efficient GRPs across kids 6-11 targeted media channels before Zoom Tubes hit retail. Once the product was in retail that September, we started bolstering impression delivery as the holiday season approached. By early November, our market presence increased to ensure solid sell-through at retail. As we broadened our reach by targeting moms 25+ and continued to increase brand awareness, retail sales soared. We also extended our linear reach across Connected TV providers, such as Hulu and Roku.

On the digital front, Diray managed the Amazon campaign for Zoom Tubes from Day 1. Holiday items hit Amazon warehouses on October 1, 2018, and Diray provided analytical and strategic recommendations, including re-directing paid advertising traffic to the Amazon Store Page. A majority of sales came from “Other Sources” which equated to off-Amazon traffic generating the majority of sales revenue. With this in mind, along with 3rd party attribution data, Diray armed the client with recommendations regarding the appropriate channel mix and expanded the PPC campaign while continually monitoring Buy Box control and its impact on sales/sessions.

Sales Increase from Oct - Dec


“The quality of TV time we buy is critical to the success of the products we market. DirayTV does an excellent job identifying our ideal customers and determining where we can best reach them … and when. That gives us exceptional value for our dollar.”

Scott Sobo