Diray Media Welcomes Dean Chandler to Lead Innovation and Excellence in the Streaming Era


Diray Media is thrilled to announce the appointment of Dean Chandler as its new Senior Vice President of Media and Video Innovation, a move that signals the company's commitment to excellence and innovation in the evolving television landscape. With the industry increasingly pivoting towards streaming services and changing audience consumption habits, Dean’s leadership is expected to propel Diray Media to new heights in the digital and streaming media realms.

Boasting a distinguished 27-year career at the forefront of digital innovation, Dean’s journey began with the launch of a pioneering publisher ad network in 1997. His extensive experience spans the development of groundbreaking audience engagement strategies through rich media, outstream video, and Connected TV (CTV). Before joining Diray Media, Dean made significant contributions at TheViewPoint, (an Infra company), where he led Platform Partnerships. His strategic insight and innovative approach have consistently driven revenue growth and elevated the profiles of his associated organizations, making him an invaluable asset to Diray.

Dean expressed his excitement about his new role, highlighting Diray's client-first philosophy and expertise in TV media buying as key advantages in the expanding CTV market. "Diray is perfectly positioned to lead brands across all screens, whether those screens are connected by coaxial or reside in the cloud," he stated, pointing towards a promising future for the company in harnessing new opportunities in content consumption.

The recruitment of Dean is part of Diray Media's strategic efforts to remain at the cutting edge of a media industry dominated by streaming services. By merging linear and digital video tactics into a comprehensive strategy, he will enhance Diray Media's capabilities in the CTV and digital video spaces. Leveraging his vast expertise, the company aims to deliver superior service and innovative solutions that maximize value and impact for its clients.

Diray Media's owner expressed their enthusiasm for these strategic moves, stating, "We're excited to welcome Dean to our team as we prepare for the future, aiming to keep Diray Media at the forefront of the industry for another 35+ years. We're confident in Dean's ability to elevate our capabilities, setting the stage for unparalleled success in the streaming era." — Nancy Arnold, Owner & Chief Executive Officer

With these latest developments, Diray Media is poised to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the advertising world, ensuring it continues to offer unmatched services and innovative solutions in the fast-paced media and advertising landscape.

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