Your Performance TV Guide to Father’s Day 2024

fathers day
This Father’s Day, meet your shoppers where they are: on the media they’re likely to be consuming.

“Breaking records” has been a recurring theme since we kicked off our seasonal shopping calendar last month with Mother’s Day. Now, with Father’s Day on the horizon, shoppers are voting with their dollars. Last year’s Father’s Day spending amounted to a record-high $22.9 billion, driven by increased activity across major verticals like clothing, electronics, and personal care. This new edition of our Performance TV guide introduces fresh stats, guidance on the Father’s Day retail landscape, and everything you need to launch a high-performance campaign on TV.


“Father’s Day remains a momentous occasion for Americans to honor the important men in their lives,” National Retail Federation (NRF) President and CEO Matthew Shay said. “Consumers plan to celebrate the holiday in a big way this year, and retailers are ready to help make it special.” Father’s Day continues to win hearts (and wallets).

Last year, experiences trumped material gifts, with over $4 billion spent on special outings. Will this year be the same, or will traditional Father’s Day gifts reign? Luckily, TV allows you to prepare for either scenario.


The largest spenders are Millennials, who spend $64.4 million, closely followed by their Gen X counterparts at $52.3 million. Don’t forget those tech-savvy Gen Z shoppers. This group is shopping for their fathers too, and it’s vital to capture this audience early and retain them — as they’ll be entering the key 25-44 shopper demographic soon enough. They’re already the generation that will drive online spending growth through 2027.

Our “Audience Packages” incorporate the Diray Matched system, which utilizes intel from multiple data sources to craft high-performance, brand-specific audiences. And yes, we have a Father’s Day Package built for just this occasion. By integrating this with a tailored campaign aimed directly at Father’s Day shoppers, brands can capture the holiday's shopping surge head-on.

Once the audience has seen a TV or streaming ad, we take advantage of retargeting tactics at every point of the purchasing journey, bringing incredible efficacy; driving both window shoppers and previous customers to conversion. By analyzing nuanced on-site behaviors, in-store visits, and engaging with loyal customers through CRM targeting, we ensure that your brand remains a leader in the race for Father’s Day shoppers' attention, especially targeting the last-minute buyers who represent a substantial segment of the market.

Let’s make your brand the star this Father’s Day by ensuring your ad reaches the perfect audience on TV, including those you might not have considered. Leveraging Diray’s “Father’s Day Audience Package,” brands can tap into networks and audience segments with the season's most active shoppers. Our decades of media experience and buying prowess combined with the latest, data-driven, digital audience targeting takes the guesswork out of where to maximize your marketing dollar and increase ROAS. Whether you want to target “Women who purchased grilling gear” or “People who have shopped for children’s toys within the last three months” or both, we can do that for you at scale.

As Father’s Day continues to cement its place as a cornerstone of gift-giving occasions, the opportunity for brands to make a significant impact is immense. At Diray Media, our comprehensive suite of targeting, retargeting, and advertising solutions ensures your brand not only participates in but dominates the cash register this Father’s Day. Let us help you make this season a turning point for your brand, capturing hearts and minds when it matters most.

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