GrowthDay at Diray

GrowthDay at Diray
By: Matthew Greger

Everyday is a great day to grow!

Diray Media acknowledges that prioritizing wellness is crucial, and employers should also focus on nurturing the overall well-being of their employees. Your company thrives when your team is personally growing, challenged, and socially contributing. What employees strive for and need in today’s workplace is:

  • Role clarity and plain expectations
  • Opportunities to grow, improve, and pursue being their best selves
  • Feeling seen, known and cared for at work

Most companies understand that professional development and growth is important to add a new skill and improve the skills you use every day at work. However, Diray Media understands that genuine transformation and growth require an initial change from within. To do this, we must work on ourselves. We must make personal growth a way of life.

GrowthDay provides personal and professional development in one place, backed by features built on high-performance research.

  • Daily Motivation
  • Mindset Journaling
  • Goal Setting
  • Life Coaching
  • Live Growth Classes
  • Mastery-Level Courses
  • Wellness Challenges
  • Community

How do we stay competitive and innovate?

Cultivating an inclusive supportive workplace is imperative for innovation here at Diray Media. To stay competitive, raising your team’s performance edge, confidence, and productivity matters. High Performance is key. High Performance means succeeding consistently over the long term, while maintaining wellbeing and positive relationships. It feels like full engagement, joy and confidence that comes from giving your absolute best at work and all areas of life. There are 6 habits of high performance and GrowthDay’s tools are backed by these habits.

  1. Seek Clarity - get clear on what you want
  2. Generate Energy - you don’t have energy, you must generate it
  3. Raise Necessity - necessity and performance is a must
  4. Increase Productivity - develop habits that get you to that NEXT level
  5. Develop Influence - develop trust so people will believe in you and invest in you
  6. Demonstrate Courage - make bold moves, get out of your comfort zone

The struggle is real, but we honor the struggle. Why?

You don't shy away from effort just because you look dumb, or you don't know how to do it, or you don't like it. You have to learn to Honor the Struggle because it makes you better! This effort is necessary right now. It’s messy, but you must honor where you are and get better. Isn’t a better life worth some struggle? I recently asked our Diray GrowthDay Team what GrowthDay means to them.

Brendan is making change, “GrowthDay to me means getting out of my comfort zone and routine to inspire real positive change in my life! I am hoping that focusing on small positive goals like reading and being more patient at home will spring momentum for even more growth in my life next year."

Brendan & Feixiang
Brendan & Feixiang

“To me, GrowthDay is an excellent community and resource,” stated Feixiang. “There, along with other individuals who share similar goals, I can always find what I need to inspire myself to start the day and acquire new knowledge.”

Corina said, “That’s a challenge, I’ll take it and do my best to explain: GrowthDay – I see it as a place that guides me through personal growth and professional development. It is now part of my daily habits since it’s the platform that taught me the importance of implementing the daily habits. It’s a place where I go to find the energy and focus for the day and most of the time 'it gets me going.' I say 'most of the time' because sometimes I get frustrated, confused, overwhelmed, and I question myself…. This depends on the daily fire or the courses that I am listening to, or the challenge I take and how far back from my comfort zone it pushes me. But I guess that these feelings are just signs of progress, normal steps we need to take during this personal journey.

There are days when I feel the improvements and others when I feel like the most flawed person on the planet, but I do my best to be consistent and keep using GrowthDay, keep going, keep growing.”

Here’s how Kiki is using GrowthDay, “I’ve enjoyed listening to the Daily Fires as a source of inspiration and motivation. I’ve taken some powerful quotes away and have used those positive affirmations in my day to day.

GrowthDay has also given me a bit of support from the health & wellness side of things and sparked me to join a gym, which I am now taking advantage of and working out at least 4 times a week.”

“It is an opportunity to take a breath in your day to day,” added Lisa, “and consider how you can make an impact from a personal and professional perspective that aligns with what you want.”

Before GrowthDay, I was a tinkerer in personal growth. I would read and listen, but never really applied what I learned. After attending GrowthDay Austin back in April of 2023, I started taking action and doing the work. Daily I journal, track my life scores, plan, learn, and participate in the community. After the Austin event, I made it a priority to bring GrowthDay to Diray. This was a huge step for me, and it got me out of my comfort zone when I presented the lunch and learn and shared my story.

Matthew & Nancy
Matthew & Nancy

Now my wife, Nancy, and I head to the West Coast every month for GrowthDay Live LA. We’ve joined ULTRA, the highest membership level in GrowthDay. I host a Growth Group within the GrowthDay platform entitled Inspire Brilliance. I teach the Think Brilliance™ Framework and we share stories of inspiration. This dynamic framework is driven by curiosity and creativity. It encourages asking questions and thinking differently, fostering divergent solutions. This strategy pushes us to think creatively, solve problems, innovate and discover ideas you never thought possible. You are encouraged to embrace challenges, take risks, and approach problems with a mindset that values innovation and creativity. Inspire brilliance in your own thinking and influence and inspire others to do the same!

My mission is to inspire people to be brilliant. We can stop the quiet quitting and become motivated by learning to be curious, be creative and to explore the world around us, both at work and in our personal lives.

GrowthDay is the world’s #1 self-improvement system, featuring all your tools for personal growth plus LIVE coaching from the world’s top motivational coaches helping you create a growth mindset for real behavioral change. I’m grateful that Diray Media is providing this option for wellness that focuses on nurturing the overall well-being of our employees.

Every day is a great day to grow!

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