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Fueling Father's Day Frenzy
This Father’s Day, meet your shoppers where they are: on the media they’re likely to be consuming. Diray Media gives you Your Performance TV Guide to Father’s Day 2024.
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Diray Media Welcomes Dean Chandler to Lead Innovation and Excellence in the Streaming Era
We are excited to announce that Dean Chandler has joined Diray Media as our new Senior Vice President of Media and Video Innovation. Learn more about how Dean's leadership and expertise will drive our company's growth in the digital and streaming media realms.
Maximizing Mother's Day Marketing
As we “gift up” for Mother’s Day (it’s on Sunday, May 12th but for your sake, I hope you knew that), it is essential for brands to position themselves front and center in the minds of consumers
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March Madness Insta
March mADness: A New Arena for Advertisers and Viewers
As the buzz of March Madness fills the air, it's clear that the landscape of sports broadcasting is evolving. The tournament not only draws crowds to stadiums but also pulls millions of eyes to screens, offering a prime opportunity for brands to connect with viewers.
The Stanley Phenomenon: Reinventing a Century-Old Brand in the Influencer Era
Welcome to the tale of Stanley®, where a $45 cup became the latest sensation, thanks to social media influencers. In the world of influencer marketing, Stanley’s resurgence is a modern-day fairy tale, proving that, sometimes, the glass slipper can be a stainless-steel tumbler.
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Best Places to Work in Connecticut 2024: Diray Media
Excited to share we've been named one of Connecticut's top workplaces! This honor reflects our commitment to creating an empowering, creative, and fun work environment. Discover more about our unique culture and why we're a top workplace by exploring our achievements and what sets us apart.
Diray Media Presents: Media MythBusters
We are here to help bring clarity to the world of Performance Marketing, particularly the role of TV in today's landscape. Join us as we share our POV by busting FIVE of the industry’s most trending myths we hear every day on the job. We hope busting these myths helps show how performance marketing works and what it has the potential to do for your brand.
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Super Bowl LVIII: TV Viewership Continues to Score Big
Super Bowl LVIII shattered viewership records, attracting an unprecedented average of 123.4 million viewers; an increase of 8.3 million from 2023. This solidifies its status as the most watched TV event in history, second only to the historic Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969. There is no denying the power of reach and influence that major TV events possess, presenting advertisers with an unparalleled platform to connect with vast and diverse audiences.
GrowthDay at Diray
Diray Media acknowledges that prioritizing wellness is crucial, and employers should also focus on nurturing the overall well-being of their employees. Your company thrives when your team is personally growing, challenged, and socially contributing.
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Ces article
Diray at CES 2024: Expectations, Innovations, and Brand Opportunities
Diray is gearing up for a triumphant return to CES 2024 to unveil the technologies and innovations shaping the future. Diray is poised to help brands stand out in the competitive tech landscape, highlighting their commitment to driving innovation and effective consumer engagement at CES 2024.
Exploring the Affordable World of TV Advertising
Diray Media makes TV advertising more accessible and affordable, challenging the belief that it's too expensive. Using innovative strategies and strong network connections, Diray offers prime ad spots on top networks and streaming services at competitive prices. They enable clients to feature on TV, including linear, broadcast, and streaming platforms, without breaking the bank.
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The January Effect: Unlocking TV Advertising's Golden Opportunity
As the Upfront season begins, brands and agencies are shaping their 2024 strategies, increasingly focusing on TV advertising. January stands out as the optimal month to maximize advertising effectiveness. For brands already using TV ads, it's the perfect time to amplify their investment, while those new to TV advertising can seize this chance to broaden their audience and enhance engagement. This period is ideal for blending TV and digital strategies, proving the power of an omnichannel approach.
Anticipating 2023's Top Holiday Shopping Trends: A Glimpse into the Season's Consumer Behavior
As the 2023 holiday season approaches, Diray Media is closely monitoring evolving consumer purchasing trends, heralding a new era in holiday shopping. This year, the introduction of early sales events and the growing influence of digital marketplaces have significantly altered traditional shopping patterns.
Transparency: The Pillar of Success in Media
The call for increased transparency in the media industry is not a new one. It's a phrase we've all heard before, and while it garners widespread support on the surface, it's often not fully understood or practiced. Many individuals readily accept the numbers presented within a DSP without delving into the challenging question of how those numbers were derived. Within media agencies, transparency manifests in various forms, including transactional transparency, data transparency, and value transparency. However, these discussions can be complex, as transparency in our industry frequently masks the underlying need for accountability regarding media costs and measurement.
Embracing the AI Wave in Media Agencies: The Exciting Pros and the Real Challenges   
In this age of turbocharged tech advancements, the new craze is… you guessed it—Artificial Intelligence (AI)—and it's making some serious waves in the world of media agencies. This fusion of AI and media isn't just hype; it's certainly a tool that agencies should be exploring to optimize certain operations, connect with audiences, and serve up content. However, while the potential benefits of AI in media agencies are tantalizing, we can't ignore the bumps in the road that come with this shiny new tech.