Maximizing Mother's Day Marketing

Mothers Day Marketing
By: Dean Chandler

As we “gift up” for Mother’s Day (it’s on Sunday, May 12th but for your sake, I hope you knew that), it is essential for brands to position themselves front and center in the minds of consumers. Last year, Mother’s Day buying blitz grew to $35.7 billion (about $274 per person in the US). That’s a jump of $4 Billion year over year. With these kinds of numbers, brands need to have a strategy specific to the season. But what is that strategy?

At Diray Media, we see how the confluence of online and in-store shopping habits and have tactics in place to maximize brand awareness for our clients. Based on trends leading into last year, the demographic leading the charge in Mother's Day splurging was millennials, aged between 35-44, closely followed by the enthusiastic participation of Gen Zers, Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers. Given the generational shift toward immediacy, it should come as no surprise that most of these shoppers delayed their purchases until the last-minute – primarily within two weeks of Mother's Day – revealing a ripe window for targeted marketing strategies.

Leveraging Diray’s “Mother’s Day Audience Package” grants brands access to those networks and audience segments that have the most active shoppers of the season. Our decades of media experience and buying prowess combined with the latest, data-driven, digital audience targeting takes the guess work out of where to maximize your marketing dollar and increase ROAS. Whether you want to target “Men who have purchased flowers in the last year” or “People who have shopped for children’s clothes in the last six months” or both, we can do that for scale.

Our “Audience Packages” incorporate the Diray Matched system which utilizes intel from multiple data sources to craft high-performance, brand-specific audiences. By integrating this with a tailored campaign aimed directly at Mother's Day shoppers, brands can capture the holiday's shopping surge head-on.

Retargeting tactics at every point of the purchasing journey bring incredible efficacy; driving both window shoppers and previous customers to conversion. By analyzing nuanced on-site behaviors and engaging with loyal customers through CRM targeting, we ensure that your brand remains a leader in the race for Mother's Day shoppers' attention, especially targeting the last-minute buyers who represent a substantial segment of the market.

Moreover, in an era where TV and video reign supreme as the most trusted and memorable mediums, Diray Media offers unparalleled access to both linear and streaming platforms. The dual benefits of this approach are manifold: linear TV provides extensive reach across a diverse audience, while streaming services offer precise targeting capabilities. Coupled with our relentless retargeting strategies, we make it virtually impossible for shoppers not to encounter your brand during this crucial shopping period.

With 88% of US households watching on a Connected TV -- and with completion rates for ads on those Connected TV sitting at an incredible 98% and viewers of those ads retaining 95% of the brand message of those ads -- Diray’s has created client strategies that are designed to maximize your brand's engagement and recall.

In conclusion, as Mother's Day continues to cement its place as a cornerstone of gift-giving occasions, the opportunity for brands to make a significant impact is immense. At Diray Media, our comprehensive suite of targeting, retargeting, and advertising solutions ensures your brand not only participates in but dominates the cash register Mother's Day. Let us help you make this season a turning point for your brand, capturing hearts and minds when it matters most.

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