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Media Glossary

Make sense of common media terms

Welcome to our glossary! We've compiled a list of commonly used terms in media reporting to help you navigate the jargon. Whether you're new to the industry or just need a refresher, this resource will provide you with a clear understanding of the terminology used in media planning, buying, and analysis.


Metric Definition
Media Cost Ad spend. The price you pay for advertising during a specified date range
Nielsen Media Cost Ad spend on nielsen rated stations / dayparts
MER Media Efficiency Rate. A metric to measure how efficiently paid media is driving total revenue
Formula: Revenue / Media Cost
ROAS Return on Ad Spend. A metric that measures revenue earned for each dollar you spend on advertising
Revenue / Media Cost
Ecom Order Reported orders placed online
.com +
CPO Cost per order. The average cost of advertising per sale
Media Cost / Orders
CPA Cost per acquisition. A metric that measures the total cost of a customer completing a specific action
Media Cost / New Customers
RPO Revenue per order. The average amount spent by customers per transaction
Revenue / Orders
Conversion A positive result toward marketing goal
Conversion Rate The effectiveness of turning an opportunity into a conversion
TV Formula: Calls+Visits / Orders. Digital Formula: Conversions / Clicks
IMP (000) The estimated number of viewers
Formula: Impressions / 1000
CPM Cost Per Thousand (impressions). A bidding method where you pay based on the number of impressions received
Formula: Media Cost / IMP (000)
GRP Gross rating point. A percent of the target market reached multiplied by the exposure frequency
Formula: audience size / total exposures
TRP Target rating point. Total number of in-market impressions from a target audience as a percentage of market population
CPP Cost Per Point or Cost Per Gross Rating. The cost of advertising exposure opportunities that equals one rating point in any geographically defined market
Formula: Media Cost / GRP
Digital 3P Cost Third party digital spend
View Ads watched for a defined time period (seconds). The default number of secs varies by platform
Video Completed View When an ad is watched start to finish
View Rate A ratio showing the number of paid views of a video ad to the number of impressions that were eligible for views
Formula: Views / Impressions
Video Completion Rate The percentage of users who successfully watched 100% of the video ad
Formula: Video Completions / Impressions
TrueView In-Stream A skippable video ad that auto-plays before a YouTube video starts
Engagement Any interaction with your ad – view, click, like, share, comment
Click User interacts with a digital ad
CPC Cost Per Click. A bidding method where you pay each time your ad is clicked
QR Scan When a user scans a QR code and clicks the link
CTR A ratio showing how often people who see your ad end up clicking it
Formula: Clicks / Impressions
Visit When a user arrives to a website
Source Phone Number / URL address
KPI Key Performance Indicator. KPIs are the metrics and results that determine your progress toward a marketing campaign objective
Brand Lift The increase in effectiveness measurements (e.g., message recall) between respondents who did not view the ad and those who did
Prospecting An advertising strategy that finds and targets new prospective customers based on behavior, interest, demo, geo and many other attributes
Retargeting An advertising strategy that utilizes lists or pixels to serve ads to audiences who have previously engaged with your website or brand
Daypart Block of time that divides the day into segments for purposes of selling advertising time on TV and radio


Channel Description
Linear TV Traditional television delivered at a certain time via cable or satellite.
VOD Video On Demand: Shown on a cable or satellite provider’s app when a consumer chooses to watch a show that previously aired.
VMVPD Virtual Multichannel Video Programming Distributor: Aggregate live and on-demand TV and deliver over the internet in a linear fashion (Sling TV, Hulu Live TV, YouTube TV, fuboTV, Playstation Vue, PlutoTV)
FAST Free Ad-supported Streaming TV. Available without a paid subscription. (Pluto TV, Xumo, Tubi, The Roku Channel)
Digital Online ads via search engines, social media, display and more
CTV Connected TV: Digital content accessed by apps and streamed over Smart TVs, OTT Devices (Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, Roku) or Gaming Consoles (Xbox, PlayStation).
OTT Over the Top: Streaming content that is delivered via an internet connection rather than through a traditional cable/satellite company, on any device.
OLV Online Video: Video clips, TV shows and movies streamed from the Internet.
FEP Full Episode Player: Professionally produced, TV-like content 30-60 mins in length on apps or websites ( or the Bravo app).
Programatic Display Automated method of buying display inventory executed using data and typically algorithmically driven systems with direct access to publisher ad servers, ad exchanges and networks.
DSP Demand Side Platform: Software used to buy mobile, search, video and CTV/OTT ads programmatically.​

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