Busting Common Media Myths

Join us as we debunk the most common media myths in the industry! Explore our full video here, or scroll down to learn how TV can be integrated into digital and social media campaigns to drive remarkable business growth.

Myth: Performance Marketing Doesn't Fit My Brand
Performance marketing emphasizes results-driven strategies. By blending strong brand messaging with performance tactics, it drives measurable actions and sustainable growth for businesses.
Myth: TV is Dead!
TV is evolving, not dying, you can reach all audiences with a blend of linear and streaming services. TV remains a crucial advertising medium for its social centrality and high viewer engagement, outperforming digital platforms in brand recall.
Myth: Social Media Is the Only Thing We Need
To create successful campaigns, brands must be visible across all screens including TVs by complimenting social media campaigns with linear and CTV ads. Combining platforms maximizes audience engagement and allows for real-time optimization, reflecting consumers' multi-screen habits.
Myth: We Can't Afford Media
Performance media adapts budgets to results, fostering gradual brand growth. It's possible to get cost-effective, high-quality creative alongside strategic media planning. Partnering with us ensures a diverse media mix for optimal ROI and sustained business growth.
Myth: We Will Never Know If It Is Working
Media effectiveness is measured by consumer engagement, traceable across all channels including linear TV. Performance marketing utilizes CTAs and advanced attribution models for real-time optimization and enhanced measurability, augmented by AI tools for predictive analysis and personalized marketing.

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