Diray’s Branding Power
Creates Another Hit

Product line scores with celebrity athlete endorsement and targeted media.

CLIENT: Idea Village

INDUSTRY: Sports & Wellness

Copper Flex was started in early 2014 amidst a few other copper-infused product launches. Idea Village’s creative approach was a standout in the field. High production quality, athletic endorsements and heart-pounding beats grabbed your attention and delivered a convincing portrayal of how you too can benefit from the quality of Copper Flex (Sleeves) for joint relief. The initial response was strong with indications that demand was high and a long product life was eminent. Copper Flex renamed to Copper Fit to best capture what this new brand was able to offer in relief and comfort from the everyday to professional active life.

Copper Fit (Sleeves) relaunched with the celebrity endorsement of football great, Brett Favre. The male-targeted networks and sports channels proved to be early wins and sustained outlets for delivering the client’s metrics. Solid creative executions of the :60 and :120 versions enabled Diray to expand the media outlets to male-skewed, news and general entertainment networks, delivering frequency, creating awareness and building demand. Copper Fit entered its retail debut set up for success.

By Summer 2014, the first product extension — Copper Fit Socks — was tested and slated for a retail push, in time for the holiday gift-giving season.

Copper Fit Back launched with a limited test, pulling from the history of the original Copper Flex/Copper Fit Sleeves’ success. Diray was able to roll out this new product quickly, taking advantage of the media efficiencies of the first quarter. Building on the core media genres, adding frequency in targeted media to include older skewed outlets like History Channel and news channels pushed performance. There was a laser focus on sports to capitalize on the Brett Favre endorsement. Channels like NFL Network and the ESPN properties were key to driving home the brand benefits with the target while delivering a solid ROI.

Diray’s Copper Fit campaigns took advantage of each major sports season and retail sales period. Strategic buys were placed based on baseball, football, basketball and hockey seasons. We were poised and ready to shift media to where the fan interest and overall viewership were focused throughout the various seasons. Meanwhile, always having a fixed presence around sports news, specials and programming. Diray’s media power drove tremendous frequency and awareness that helped make Copper Fit top of mind for men, and adults who value high performance year over year.

Campaign Management
Drive to Retail
Lead Generation


Diray once again proves its brand building power. Copper Fit has moved beyond the initial product. Successfully launching brand extensions that are staples at your local retailer. Through product innovation and quality ad messaging, Copper Fit continues to launch new solutions for the active adult and sports enthusiast alike.

Monthly Web Visits

Over 80,700

Average Spots Per Week

Over 1,200

Household Impressions to Date

Over 4 Billion

Diray is best in class when it comes to DRTV.  Their breadth of knowledge and experience in the space has allowed us to successfully launch multiple direct to consumer and retail drive campaigns. They are expert at maximizing reach and efficiency.

Ann Marie Mullen