Diray Media adds Advanced TV (aTV) advertising to its media mix.

As seen on Advanced TV.

CLIENT: Jay at Play

INDUSTRY: Children & Toys

Diray uses Advanced TV as a bridge between online and TV advertising. Our agency uses the TV ad format that is familiar to clients, but have it be specifically addressable, giving clients the ability to target by household, as they do in online display campaigns. What’s more, the data gleaned from the addressable TV campaigns gives Diray’s Digital Platform the ability to model household data to further improve reach for Diray’s clients on their traditional linear TV buys. Diray took display campaign attributes and applied them to an aTV campaign for one product, a toy called FlipaZoo.

Based on years of experience and deep relationships with premium networks, Diray effectively put together a media schedule to target parents of younger children in order to sell toys. But with the rise of digital, Diray felt that there was valuable consumer data being left on the table – data that could provide additional insight leveraged to further increase sales.

In partnership with a communications service provider, they used data available through the TV set top box device ID to serve up the FlipaZoo ad to targeted households.

The ads ran not on a specific network or during a specific show, but whenever those households turned on the TV. In addition to the Advanced TV campaign, Diray also ran two display campaigns, one to drive online purchases of FlipaZoo and one to drive in-store foot traffic.

Campaign Management


Seamless delivery, added insight.

Campaign data retroactively showed the networks and time of day when FlipaZoo ads ran. For Diray, aTV audience and network data not only mirrored the conventional wisdom used to buy linear TV, but also was validated by the campaign’s location-based display media. In this way, Diray was able to target the most effective and scalable demographic across channels for a successful Omni-channel approach.

The campaign provided an opportunity for digital display campaigns linear TV campaigns, and Advanced TV campaigns to align and inform each other. The result of advanced targeting also expanded the list of networks, such as Fox News Channel (13.2% of campaign impressions), ESPN (5.3%) and The Discovery Channel (5%). Diray is rolling out aTV campaigns for its other clients to further broaden the media mix and make one of its clients most important channels addressable, giving “As seen on TV” more impact than ever.

HandsOn has worked with Diray since 2005. We choose to work with them not only because of their expertise, but because they add exceptional value to our campaigns. They are partners in every sense of that word.

Andrew Farrar