MicroTouch Tough Blade Gets a Boost with Diray’s Growth Strategy

Diray’s plan for frequency and consistency contributes to brand turnaround.

CLIENT: Idea Village

INDUSTRY: Bed & Bath, Beauty

Tough Blade was the latest product in the MicroTouch line of men’s shave care. Diray was tasked to take on an existing campaign to maximize ROI potential and turn around retail performance. MicroTouch Tough Blade was placed in capable hands… based on Diray’s experience and strength in male-targeted media. We knew where to go and how to get there to move the needle.

MicroTouch Tough Blade was an active campaign and already introduced into retail months ahead of Diray being charged with turning around performance. With solid production and a credible celebrity endorsement, the media execution had a promising foundation on which to build.

Diray’s goal was to build awareness of the product and its benefits, improve ROI efficiency, and recharge retail sales. The customized media strategy was heavy on male and sports targeted networks and programs, building awareness through frequency with the target demo. We were able to take advantage of prime sports networks, like NFL and ESPN properties, while going into secondary and tertiary level networks to maximize frequency and efficiency. In addition, male lifestyle and entertainment skewed outlets were included, i.e., Spike, Esquire, TruTV. Successes were also found in general entertainment channels.

Diray was able to more than double the media activity, infusing new life into the campaign. Media frequency was maximized, building awareness that carried over into retail sales. As the campaign rolled into its first holiday season, targeted sports events and news specials were added. This increased ROI performance and continued to increase retail sales and re-inforced time on shelves.

Campaign Management
Drive to Retail
Lead Generation


Diray’s strategy delivered improved CPOs, as new media was added weekly, to grow the campaign beyond its initial phase. The shorter retail-focused commercials were layered on in key weeks, taking advantage of inventory on NFL preseason, golf and news due to interest in the political debates. Retail sales saw steady and sustained increases.

Retail Sales increased


Web Conversions increased


TV ROI Improved


Diray is best in class when it comes to DRTV.  Their breadth of knowledge and experience in the space has allowed us to successfully launch multiple direct to consumer and retail drive campaigns. They are expert at maximizing reach and efficiency.

Ann Marie Mullen