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It's time to reach all of your customers!

Skillfully target audiences.
We’ll leverage data to help you engage with your target audience in meaningful ways at just the right moments on live and on-demand streaming services like Hulu, Roku and CBS All Access. By combining the high impact of a TV viewing experience with the targeting precision of digital, you can easily reach the consumers who are most likely to respond.
Skillfully target audiences
Re engage them accross devices
Re-engage them across devices.
Retarget CTV viewers efficiently across devices and ad formats while tracking engagement and conversions as they happen. With a Diray Connected TV campaign, our team controls ad frequency, device delivery, and creative messaging in order to maximize your ROI. This kind of precision mapping puts you in the driver’s seat—exactly where you should be.
Always work with really smart humans.
Working with Diray means navigating the best opportunities in TV and digital with a savvy team by your side. Our 30 years in the industry means we’ve cultivated the kind of relationships that result in directly negotiated, custom VIP deals. For you, this means never resorting to third-party deals, skipping the fees (and headaches) that go with them, and always getting the most competitive Connected TV rates. A no-brainer, right?
Smart Humans
Advanced audience targeting

Advanced Audience Targeting

Extend linear TV reach by targeting cord-cutters and cord-shavers
Utilize client and platform first-party data
Access third-party audience segments from 70+ providers
Cross device training

Cross-Device Tracking

Retarget users across devices and ad formats
Control ad frequency
Cross-device measurement and conversion mapping
Access to direct relationships

Access to Direct Relationships

Custom deals with publishers and networks to meet your campaign needs
Competitive, negotiated rates with long-time industry contacts
No third-party deals for the most efficient rates

Ready to make Connected TV part of your next integrated media campaign?