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Working with Diray means navigating the best opportunities in Linear TV and Connected TV.

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It's time to reach all of your customers!
With nearly 30% of U.S. consumers planning to "cut the cord" in 2021, you're reaching less and less of your audience every day. In order to reach your whole audience, you need a media plan that leverages the best of what both Linear and Connected TV can offer.
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Access to direct relationships

Linear TV Benefits

Largest Market: 39% of U.S. viewers still watch cable and 25% view broadcast, so linear remains an important player
Niche TV: Make buys for niche TV networks that lead to cost efficiencies and expanded reach vs. just frequency
Live Viewers: Live news and sporting events continue to draw key demographics
Advanced audience targeting

CTV Benefits

Precise Targeting: Reach individuals looking for your products or services using first-party, lookalikes and third-party data
Advanced Measurement: Connect your CTV ad exposure data with website visits, sales and lead actions to clearly track ROI
Cross-Channel Experience: Retarget individuals exposed to your CTV ad with a display ad on their second device

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