Media Glossary

Welcome to the Diray media glossary! We've compiled a list of commonly used terms in media reporting to help you navigate the jargon. Whether you're new to the industry or just need a refresher, this resource will provide you with a clear understanding of the terminology used in media planning, buying, and analysis.

Common Terms

Metric Definition
Media Cost Ad spend
Nielsen Media Cost Ad spend on nielsen rated stations / dayparts
MER Media Efficiency Rate
ROAS Return on Ad Spend
Ecom Order reported orders placed online
CPO Cost per order
CPA Cost per acquisition
RPO Revenue per order
Conversion A positive result toward marketing goal
Conversion Rate The effectiveness of turning an opportunity into a conversion
IMP (000) The estimated number of viewers
CPM Cost per thousand (impressions)
GRP Gross rating point
TPP Target rating point
CPP Cost per point
Digital 3P Cost Third party digital spend
View Ads watched for a defined time period (seconds). The default number of secs varies by platform
Completed View When an ad is watched start to finish
View Rate Views to impressions
Completion Rate Completions to impressions
TrueView In-Stream A skippable video ad that auto-plays before a YouTube video starts.